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Pictures of England

Exploring the most Picturesque & Historic parts of England..

"Solitude" by Cass ©. A Photo of Derwent Water, in the Lake District, England.

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seg.hans owerri(20th October 2008 - Nigeria)

good site

John Cooper(12th October 2008 - Suffolk, England)

I started a Suffolk website a few months ago, and have many pictures of the towns and villages within, has anyone any connection with Suffolk, England, if so 'twould be good to hear from you

Streez(9th October 2008 - Australia)

I was looking for a website that had any mention at all of author Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle. And I found your website. I collect old handwritten diaries and letters. I have the original WWI diary of Farciot Edouart, an American Motion Picture cameraman who was an American War photographer. Farciot Edouart won an Oscar award during his cinematic career. During the war, when he was in france being a war cinematographer, he met Arthur Conan Doyle on the train to Paris in august, 1918, per an entry in his diary. and this is my website - http://www.grammyn.com

Victoria(3rd October 2008 - Gainesville, Florida, USA)

I would so much love to visit one day. I have ancestors from Castleton. Violet Harris is born to Alicia Harris (McCarthy) and Henry Harris of 10 Balderstone Cottages, Castleton. Henry's Occupation was Carter. Wishful thinking, Victoria visit me at www.ourstory.com/magboys

Virginia(15th September 2008 - Coachella Valley, So.Calif.)

I LOVE this website!We have been able to plan all our trips using your places to stay and attractions to visit information. We have just returned from a 3 week canal boat vacation that took us up the Coventry canal, Trent & Mersey, and then on to the Ashby canal. I highly recommend this to people who want to slow down and relax and really see parts of England you would not see when driving. With my new digital camera, I took over 2,400 photos of our trip!! As soon as I figure out how to download them, I will post many on your site. Thank You for all the wonderful information you provide us all.

B.Ratzloff(14th September 2008 - USA)

I have always wanted to visit England...I LOVE stories about England, pictures, ect. So you can imagine what this site has been like for me! I just happened to "stumble upon it"...but now when I want to take a trip while I rest...this is where I come to. Thanks so much for giving me great glimpses of your country to dream about!

Werner Claassen(9th September 2008 - South Africa, Nelspruit, "Big 5 Country")

I`ve been to the UK twice on holiday and would like to go back again...one day! In the meantime I can dream... your photos helps a lot! I am a Safari guide in the Kruger National Park and a amateur photographer...When I was in the UK, I felt as if I was in picture heaven! The Lake District being my best place on your "Island"!!!

JEENA(29th August 2008 - Goa India)

What a superb website.lovely photos.

Andrea Woolnough Edwards(20th August 2008)

I am so happy to have been given your wonderful site by a newly found extended family member from Norfolk. I have been researching my heritage and lovely learning about my grandfather's family. How hard it must have been for him to leave family and friends in Grimsby when coming to America in the early 1900's. Now I can see some of the areas in Grimsby that the Woolnough family members saw when my Great Grandfather Charles Henry Woolnough had his fishing smacks and the home port was Grimsby. Thank you so much for the wonderful site and to all of the great people that have taken the time to share the beauty of their world.....letting us with English blood in our veins see our homeland. Sincerely Andrea Woolnough Edwards (Grand Rapids, MI USA)

Catherine A. England Schleunes(15th August 2008 - Baltimore, Maryland; USA)

I desperately want to visit 84 James Street in Littleborough where my Great Grandfather, Great Grandmother and my paternal Grandmother lived until she was five years old. Her name was Elsie Reeves.

Madeline Whitney(10th August 2008 - Milford,Pa)

So happy to be able to view all the lovely sites where my ancestor's originated from,namely;Wakefield,Huddersfield & Norfolk. Still a dream to visit all of them.

Aileen(29th July 2008 - USA)

Love your website and love England - you obviously love it too judging by the effort put into it - this is definitely a "favorite" i can go to from time to time and dream!

Aminta Bruzas(25th July 2008 - USA)

Thank you to everyone for sharing these photos. I enjoyed them very much and have this site saved as a favorite. Thank you once again!

Pam Quinton(11th July 2008 - South Africa)

I decided to visit England last year in May as I have sons working there. I was going to be sight seeing on my own and had no idea where to go. Poe was a miracle worker and it sent me exploring all over England. I returned this year to catch up on what I didn't do last year. Poe is so informative and has taught me so much about Englands history. Congratulations on a wonderful site, I dont know what I would have done without Poe

luca(6th July 2008 - italy)

Beautiful green England! I was there in 1991 and I hope to return!

Connie(27th June 2008 - Ohio,USA)

What a great site. It's like taking a mini hol- iday every time I look you up! The photos are lovely. I hope to travel to your beautiful country some day. I have ancestors that came from County Durham--in some place called the Lilac Crescent.

Laurence Robinson(22nd June 2008 - South Africa)

Thanks for the great site. I lived in Oban on the west coast of Scotland for 2 and a half years and really enjoyed the place and people extreamly. I am very pleased to have found this site as i was looking up Morpeth as my grandfather came from there, and i am very keen to immigrate with my family .

connie(20th June 2008 - U.S)

I'm so glad i found this site the english countryside is fabulous, i lived in the U.S my ancestors lived in staffordshire wanted to learned more about england. i'm looking for a ship manifest on harold partridge can't seem to located information on him if this help his parents were Zebulon and marie Partridge. connie


I AM A TRUE ANGLOPHIE, ENGLAND IS IN MY HEART 24/7, I reside IN THE US with desiring to come to england to live. england is the most beautiful place of the world, castles, cobble streets, museums, theater,GARDENS,CHURCHS TREES, COUNTRYSIDE JUST NOT THE SAME HERE. my first visit 1979 my whole being as a person changed,i am the only one in my family like this, my entire office is 'ENGLAND', I HAVE DEAR FRIENDS IN PORTSMOUTH, I SHALL TRAVEL WITHIN THE YEAR BACK TO MY ENGLAND. I AM RETIRED FEMALE AND LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT.I OWN HUNDRED OF BOOKS ON EUROPE.i am an english buff, love history

Allan Davey(18th June 2008)

What a superb website. Congratulations and well done! Thoroughly enjoyed exploring your pages.