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Pictures of England

Exploring the most Picturesque & Historic parts of England..

"Solitude" by Cass ©. A Photo of Derwent Water, in the Lake District, England.

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Brian Keightley(17th March 2012 - Tasmania)

This is the best site I have found for a very long while. I lived in Bungay, Suffolk for 31 years before I moved to Australia. I now live in a place called Primrose Sands, Tasmania. This site will help me plan my trip in may/June.

Erik from Holland(12th March 2012)

Hello, English friends. I'm 15 years old and I live in Holland. Its a country whit no hills. Its boring if you live in the city. But i am a lucky guy because i live in the forest so you can see something beutifals like tree's and animals. But i love Engeland and always download pictures of the country side that I use as wallpaper on my computer and phone. I'm learing your laungish so i've i'm 20 years I want to emigrate to England! I love it!

Rosie Schwertfager/Cooksey(20th February 2012 - Arizona)

My GG Grandfather John Cooksey worked the Lock in Ash, wish there where some pictures of the Lock. Will check this site more often

Port-isaac(13th February 2012 - Port Isaac)

Great site. England historic places are beautiful. Regards

Toni Sprague(25th January 2012 - Joplin, Mo. USA)

I visited England in 1993 Easter time. My family were land owners, and had a Fuller's Mercantile, Upwey, Dorset. I will be back one day to see all of Upwey and meet some new friends.

Jeannie Milam-Fetters Canada(19th December 2011 - Oklahoma/USA)

I am so glad to get to come back to POE. I have missed all of my friends. I still plan to write my book about my life, and continue writing poems.

Frances Sharon Simmons(25th November 2011 - San Antonio, Texas)

I adore this web site! I am researching ancestors on Ancestry.com for the Lacy Family Tree. Come to discover, I have a volumous connection to England, Wales, Scotland! What a great joy it has been! I just wanted to know who came to America first and why. I now know. Survival. Still haven't decided to accept that as okay. What a wonderous history I have discovered and this site has allowed me to view communities where my ancestors lived. Thank You so very much! Frances

Cody Vermillion(20th November 2011 - Glendale, Arizona USA)

My nephew Tyler just moved to Manchester, Uk in September. He's been telling me about how beautiful the countryside is, with all the deep rich greens. Told me to google this website so I could see whats he's talking about. What a wonderful website. Now I can understand & appreciate his stories. Thank you...

mary ann grygiel(5th October 2011 - U.S.A)

I have a mother that is from Devon England. I haven't seen her since I was 5 years old. I was adapoted by th Grygiel family in U.S.A. I dont' know what my real mothers name is because they never told me.So I'm in search to find her if it's in GOD'S plan. Thank-You Mary Ann Grygiel

Debby Jones(2nd October 2011 - USA)

I have always loved the country of England

Sara Walker(12th September 2011 - Hampshire)

Fantastic website - what a find. Proves what a wonderful country we live in.

pam barnes(11th September 2011 - england)

i find pictures of england very interesting, especially the genealogy, everybody is very helpfull, i have been contacted by living relatives on here, which is amazing, pam

Sharon Gourlay(9th September 2011 - Orlando, Florida)

I have literally spent hours and hours on this site, and still can't leave it alone. It is so informative and I love the pictures. I have learnt so much from this site. Thankyou!

John Trezise(16th August 2011 - North Bay,On.,Canada)

My Father was born in Cornwall, and he served in the RAF during WW2. I have never had the opportunity to visit Cornwall, but i absolutely loved this website for a chance to see my Dads home. So beautiful !

Ben Bray(4th August 2011 - Troy, Mo. USA)

My great grand father 5th was born in Bedfordshire in 1718

Rev. Ruth M. Hankins(15th July 2011 - Connecticut)

Many years ago I traveled out of London to Stratford-upon-Avon, Oxford and the wonderful Salisbury Plains. Absolutely beautiful can't wait to return. Thanks for this wonderful website.

Mary From NJ USA(13th July 2011 - USA)

I'm doing research on my Wilson roots. (Scotland and England) I love all the beautiful pictures on this site. Hopefully one day I'll make it across the ocean and visit the place where my family began.

Brian Lewins(27th June 2011 - Consett,Co.Durham)

very good site

Thurman Johnston(20th June 2011 - North Carolina USA)

I lived in Barley in 1953. Father was in Army Battery (B) 4TH Bat AAA

Jessamay(9th June 2011 - England)

What a delightful way to spend a dull afternoon, I truly enjoyed viewing these photographs - thank you