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Pictures of England

Exploring the most Picturesque & Historic parts of England..

"Solitude" by Cass ©. A Photo of Derwent Water, in the Lake District, England.

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pamela bond(6th November 2010 - Ada, Oklahoma, USA)

i lived in Chadlington as a child and my best friend was Jennifer Cross. i am looking for her. her older brothers name is Graham and he was in the RAF i think. my father was in the USAF. we were stationed here out of Upper Heyford. this was from 1969-1972. if anyone knows of her, please send me an email @ pambond203@yahoo.com. the pictures are lovely and i loved the time we spent here. Cheerio!

anuradha lahiri(5th November 2010 - kolkata,india)

england has fairytale beauty,hope my dream to visit the lovely english countryside comes true,soon.

Rhona(4th November 2010 - Southport UK)

This is one of the most beautiful sites I've ever seen, there is so much to look at and you have the most wonderful photos. I was born in Liverpool, came to live in Southport in 1978, and am now researching my family history so I'm sure I'll be using your site in my quest into the past.

Chad Hallman(1st November 2010 - Cherrytree,Pennsylvania.)

Abosolutely awesome pictures ! My family originated from Staffordshire the year 1099 A.D. Anyone who can help me gather more info on my family name and history and Staffordshire History , please email me ! Thank you !

Virginia Lee(26th October 2010 - So. Calif. USA)

I LOVE this website!! We have used it numerous times to find places of interest to visit while vacationing in England. Our favorite thing to do is to rent narrowboats for a couple of weeks, and cruise the canals and explore areas you might not see if driving or traveling by rail. The pace also is very relaxing, about 5 miles an hour. The boat is your mode of transportation, place to stay, and place to eat!! What more could you want! On our last trip I took over 3,000 photos, so I'm hoping to share some of them on this wonderful website!!!

Dorothea Youg(28th September 2010 - Tucson, Arizona)

I love to see the pictures,and hope that one day get too see it live in person. Thank You sharing such beauty it's so awesome .

Kiayah(16th September 2010 - Gloucestershire)

I think all your photos that are uploaded are absoloutly insperasional and i think you should all keep up all the good work, if anyone of you have facebook add me because i have some rather remarkable pictures on there my self but i dont want to put them onto a big website like this one

Patricia Finnegan(12th August 2010 - USA)

Hello! A dear friend sent me the link to your site this week, and I absolutely LOVE IT! I am planning on visiting the UK in early November, in time for the Remembrance season, to see the war memorials decorated with poppies and such. The awesome photos on your site give me a wonderful idea of what I will see. THANK YOU!

Nan Basu(1st August 2010 - India)

English countryside is my dream, the poems written about it just makes my imagination run wild. I am hoping to buy a small studio flat in England since I want to spend my time with clean, pure and unpolluted part of the world. Let's see if It happens.I have visited Cardiff and Durham, just loved it.

m2everett(29th July 2010 - Florida USA)

This is a fabulous site. I am an Italiaphile, but I cannot wait to visit the U.K. You are lucky to live in such a beautiful country. The history is amazing. If anyone has a suggestion on some reading matter pertaining to British history-fact or fiction- I would appreciate it.

Norma Jean Williams(29th July 2010 - Clearwater, Florida)

Hi, I love the pictures of England. I have been to this wonderful and beautiful country a few years back. I still have great memories of the people, scenes and friendliness.

Ramona(21st July 2010 - U.S.A.)

I am planning a trip to England to visit The Trimley's in Suffolk area. I lived there three and a half years as a child in the 50's. Only know one person there and would love to meet other's from this area. Trimley St Martin will always be in my heart.

Sheree Smith(15th July 2010 - Australian)

I feel as though my heart belongs here-it's just as my Grandparents described it to me....

LEE (NIMROD)(12th July 2010 - UK SUSSEX)

I would like to thank "JAUNTY JANE" for really encouraging me with her kind comments.

Richard Evans(28th June 2010 - West Lothian)

Chesterton Street Garston Liverpool...spent many years in this house ..went to school for a while here ..worked on dredgers, and speke airport,was working for starways cleaning planes, 1962 when the beatles were due to fly out to stockholm.with brian epstein..i witnessed all of this as i was in the departure lounge..!!!

Pankaj Pawar(22nd June 2010 - India)

Recently i see the site & i am impressed with the variety of the pictures, I want to see this originally

Linda Mary Sigley(11th June 2010 - Menifee, California)

On 19 June 2010 it will be 49 years since I journeyed to England. I was 16 yrs. old (17 on 1 July 1961) and I loved it immediately. I stayed with different friends & relatives both in the South and North of England. It is so dear to my heart! Both my husband and I have always wanted to live there, but we have inherited property here in California where we were born. We hope to see it again next year, God willing. (My father was born and raised in Liverpool; his father in Strath Don, Scotland)

Pamela Bell(13th May 2010 - usa)

I was born at Sapiston.Lived in Bardwell until I married a GI in 1957. Stationed in Calif three years then the rest of the time we have lived in Kentucky. I love looking at the pictures of England, even though we go back for visits.

Noor(12th May 2010 - Manassas Va.usa)

I so desire to live in England.I love it there.I believe it will happen soon. Don't know how.My kids love it there also.They always try to do the brittish accent. It's not very good ,but I don't have the heart to tell them how terrible they sound. We came during the Minor family reunion in Chew Magna Somerset. It's amazing how my desires always come true sooner or later. So England, here we come!!!

Laura LaCroix(30th April 2010 - Culleoka , Tennessee USA....)

I've never been to any part of England and for that I'm sad.. I've always loved the thought of England and the English people, for some odd reason it's weird to love some place I've never been and am likely never to see but my yearning is very strong and deep inside it just feels wonderful to think about a place so very Lovely