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Pictures of England

Exploring the most Picturesque & Historic parts of England..

"Solitude" by Cass ©. A Photo of Derwent Water, in the Lake District, England.

Guestbook Entries

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Robb(9th February 2009 - Colorado USA)

I am planning a backpacking tour of England starting next January. This site has everything that I was looking for. Thanks

Soraya Shah(8th February 2009 - Trinidad & Tobago)

Would love to visit England, Scotland a & Wales someday.

Yolanda Hart(30th January 2009 - San Antonio, Texas)

I spend my lunch time on your site. I love to look at pictures of the Lake District. It just relaxes me so much. Thank you to all the folks who share their pictures with me.

James(21st January 2009 - UK)

I seem to stumble across your site time and time again. It really is a wonderful way to explore the country from the comfort of the computer chair. Keep up the wonderful work.

Rick Miller(20th January 2009 - Ottawa Ontario Canada)

What a great site you have here. My wife and I have been over twice in 2004 and just this passed October for 3 weeks. We both love history and there is plenty of that to see. Being second generation Canadian I was brought up in a very English household as 3 of my grandparents were born in England. I feel quite at home there and we both can hardly wait to go back in the near future to enjoy more of this beautiful country.

Margaret Cole(10th January 2009 - Newmarket Suffolk)

I live in Newmarket in East Anglia, which has some of the prettiest villages in Egland there are two American bases near Newmarket and many Americans GI's have stayed and made their homes nearby. If anyone needs a photo of any particular place in the Newmarket Area please let me know and I will try my best to find one for you and place it on this site. I have found this site so rewarding.

Sandy(26th December 2008 - Minnesota, U.S.A.)

I toured England, Wales & Scotland in 1986 with my mother. My mother (who now is age 80) was born and raised in Birmingham but has lived in the USA since WWII ended. She met my father who was a U.S. soldier and they married after the war. I grew up listening to stories about England and about WWII so my visit to England was especially meaningful. We visited Coventry Cathedral and toured their air-raid shelter. My mother told me her experiences in air-raid shelters. It was very moving. The gardens and food are as wonderful as she said they would be. We stayed with relatives after the tour. The photos in 'Pictures of England' are beautiful and take me back to when I was there. I would like to share some of mine, although, they are 22 years old. I hope to soon visit again with my husband. Thanks

Debbie Brown(19th December 2008 - Australia)

I met robert clegg at a wynnum fair. The most amazing meeting of my life. I would love to visit have lost contact miss his beautiful smile and out going nature. Hope to visit one day my dear pen pal.Looking at the pictures i feel like im home. So beautiful,peaceful.

Teresa(15th December 2008 - USA)

I had my first trip to England, Scotland, and Wales in October! Wonderful! A trip I dreamed of for 30 years. I loved everything! Grasmere was my favorite village, with others close behind. Now I dream of my second trip, Lord willing. Grasmere is someplace I would like to spend some time in, as well as, the surrounding villages. I look forward to more info on this site.

Phyllis Nusser(15th December 2008 - U.S.A.)

I'm British by nationality and I find the English Countryside as beautiful as heaven.

barbara(15th December 2008 - USA)

i have been trying to locate my old penpal Susan Plant..she lived on Manor Park Farm in Cheadle Staffs England , married Chris Clacher and i believe she moved to Green Park Estates. Her parents were Don and Sybil Plant..had two brothers Roy and Malcolm Plant and a sister Jeannette. Anyone know of her whereabouts?

David Mead(23rd November 2008 - Pontypridd, South Wales)

Hi I love Hexham I used to stay with friends in Acomb and every day come to Hexham just to look around but never got tired of it, the Abbey is just something else its steaped in history. You got a great site here this wont be my one and only visit I'll be back.

Luis(17th November 2008 - Canary Islands, Spain)

I love this web site. It's got great photos and fantastic photographers!! I love the south of England. Keep up the good work! See you.

gwen heal(15th November 2008 - Canada)

Although I live several thousands of miles away, I still miss England. I lived in Hanworth, Middlesex. It is still home.

Stephen Bear(12th November 2008 - Syracuse, NY)

I was born in England and love looking at all the pictures to serve as reminders.

Asim Ahmed Qidwai(9th November 2008 - Pakistan)

Well I had been there till 6 years and i think it's very Nice place.I liked a lot.

Steve Kane(8th November 2008 - Cambridgeshire)

Found your site tonight and have just spent an hour and half in wonder. Only intendd to look at Cambridgeshire but then went all over the country to important places in my life - wonderful! thank you. I will return :-)

Zara(30th October 2008 - Canada)

Hi, I have been here for several times now and thought to sign your guestbook. Very nice! Keep up the good work...

Bishnu Parajuli(29th October 2008 - Nepal)

Very very excellent photos,scenes are given. I like this site tooooooooooo much. I have known so many things/ informations about England. I am happy. This side gives more information about England which is fruitfull to all viewers. Thanks.

Chris Humphries(27th October 2008 - Cambridge)

I love this website, its got lots of great facts and information. Please have a look at my web site, which focuses on the photos of historic buildings. http://www.myphotosontheweb.co.uk