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Photo by: Ray Bird

Well Corner, Acton Turville, Gloucestershire 2013

"A fantastic set of photos Ray. Thanks for adding them to the site." - poe (24th January 2017)

Photo by: David Reynolds

Morning Star Inn

"This picture is not 1960 it is more like 1970,that's my fathers car parked on the side of the house and he did not get that car until 1970,my mother and father owned the "star" at that time,from 1958 to 1972.Still a great picture and brought back many memories of that time " - Michael sheehan (18th January 2017)

Photo by: Edward Lever

Nuffield Place, Nuffield

"The Edward house an ideal estate for its time. " - Elizabeth Ratliff (17th January 2017)

Photo by: David Haenlein

A picture of Nuffield Place

"A beautiful home preserved in its time. " - Elizabeth Ratliff (17th January 2017)

Photo by: Rod Burkey

'The Greatest' Jamaica Street Liverpool.

"A shot with great impact, works very well with the plain background" - Edward Lever (7th January 2017)