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Photo by: Ray Bird

Great Dorset Steam Fair, Tarrant Hinton, Dorset 1989

"An interesting image both from the composition and the workflow (it must surely be a scan from a film original, given that digital images of this quality directly from cameras only began appearing commonly in the current millennium). The quality is excellent and the subject matter is a nice bit of agricultural history." - Edward Lever (10th May 2017)

Photo by: Steve Elson

Undershore Road

"Great shot Steve - I must have cycling along this stretch hundreds of times 30 years ago and it hasn't changed a bit. " - Daniel Covey (9th May 2017)

Photo by: Graham Lines

Royal Arcade

"I like this. " - Rod Burkey (5th May 2017)

Photo by: Graham Lines

Royal Arcade

"The lamps are nicely captured but it is a shame you didn't have a wider angle lens to include the floor of the arcade." - Edward Lever (3rd May 2017)